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Today, just like every other day we woke up at 4 AM since we are on the 4 - 8 watch. Everyone was tired but when we came on deck and saw the full moon the mood changed.

The moonlight made the dark night just a little bit brighter. Exept for the moon we could also see two other bright lights in the sky. Jesper, the second officer told us that it was two planets, mars being a bright red light behind us, and venus a large white light on our starboard side. Later in the morning it was a beautiful sunrise, the sky turnd into a pink and orange color and it looked really beautiful.

Since we are traveling to the north west we now have moved into a new timezone witch means that we had to turn the clock back one hour. Our watch, midships had to work for an extra hour instead of 4 hours as it normaly is it now was 5 hours. Luckely we got fika that was a little bit better then usual, the kitchen help gave us rasbarry cream that was amazing.

During the day we had diffrent classes such as swedish and marinbiologi. In the marinbiologi we did a labboration when we placed a net in the water and draged it for 15 minuits, when it was done we observed what we have got for results. Later during this trip we are going to make an essey with the results that we got today.

The Portside watch decided to celebrate their national day, which was completely made up. They all dressed up and sang made up nationalanthem infront of everyone on the deck.

Erik Wannerbratt


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