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Today is a special day, Wilma turns nineteen, it's Sunday (which means no lessons) and we're having a party for our new shark net.

The day started off at 03.20 am, roundsman woke the whole watch up to sing for Wilma, then we were on watch for four hours, slept and woke up for lunch. It was pizza. Like I mentioned before, its Sunday as I am writing this. We really had some weekend vibes today which was nice, we played games, ate carrot cake and had a safety rehearsal. The rehearsal was exiting, at the same time it feels very serious since we are rehearsing things that could actually happen. Today Alicia was in her bed as the corridor was full of smoke. Watch leaders Sara and Soraya had to get in their smoke diving clothes and lift her up to main deck were everyone else were lined up. The day went by and soon again the clock was 4 and it was time for another watch, we had a really calm one though. Felt well-needed after some days with rough sea and lack of sleep.

At the end of our watch our shark net party started! We hung up the old one and celebrated a new beginning for the one we've been working on putting up for the last few weeks, which has really been a project. The party included a scary ceremony presented by the party committee, carrot cake, music and drinks on main deck.

During the evening I've spent some time with my friends in the port watch. Even though we're stuck on the same small space, our time schedule makes us miss each other. The day has been so much fun and I enjoy every second spent with my classmates. It´s amazing to get to do everything from storm furling sails to shark net celebrations with them.

Soon we're celebrating our graduation together as well, kind of want to stop the time.

Best wishes from Gunilla.

Elsa Gjertsson

midships watch


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