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Charleston - A beautiful city hiding a dark past

Our second day in the beautiful city of Charleston was spent at the old slave mart museum in the center of Charleston. There we learnt about the inhumane, terrible way humans were sold as property not so long ago. This is especially prominent in Charleston as it was one of the leading pro-slavery states as recently as 150 years ago.

In the old slave mart we learnt that after the slaves had been brought to Charlston by ship they were split up and sent to around 40 different auctions in the city. After arriving they were then sold like property to different plantations where they would have to work relentlessly for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, the traders only cared about the money and gladly split up both family and friends for their own benefit.

I think this experience has left a mark on all of us and a reminder that we have to do everything in our power to stop the discrimination and slavery that is still left today.

David Jendeby, Babord


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