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Chicken fillet

Today it is the forth of january, 2024.

Gosh, what time really flys by. We have already been here for twentythree days and it feels like we have been here for a week and an intirety at the same time. I live my best life here, but everything is not luxury and glamore.

Today i got woken up at 9 by my friend who said we had to go to the
kitchen to help. In my dizzy morning state, after the five houres i had
slept I did not know what we where suposed to help out with. I just got
up, put on my chlothes and went up. The kaos of the room spoke for
itself, I where in trouble. The trash cans and buckets that used to
stand in the gally where taken out. The floor was cleared of all things
and in the middle of this my ”backis” friend from the night shift before
stood and said to me ”we forgot to clean the durk”. Then I understood
what was going on. We where supposed to clean the floor of the gally the
night before but we missed seing it on the list. We began spraying and
scrubbing the floor. Then we cleand the drains and changed the dirty
water in them. It took some time but when the chef came and checked it
afterwards he was all pleased. Worth mentioning is that we found a whole
un-cooked chiken filet under one of the benches.

Allthough, un-cooked chicken filetes is not the only weird thing we have
found on board. This morning for example, we found a bird chilling under
a taken down hammock. It whas shaking of fear. When a guy sat down next
to it, it walked over to him trying to hide under his legs. We offered
it sugar and sesam seeds, but it did not touch it. After it stoped
shaking we brought it to the railing and let it fly away instead. It was
a funny sceen. It looked like it kind of jumped on the yta for a while
until it could fly properly.

We are now out on the forcastle cooking in the sun. Some people are
bathing and some are just chilling to the music playing in the
background. It is just another nice day on Gunilla.

Sonja Östblom


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