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Christmas spirit

It's christmas morning and I’m awoken by the sound of christmas spirit.

Well more like the sound of the captain and his fellow watchleader Tage screaming - Felise navidad! at the top of their lungs while barging in through our door. Both playing playfully with their guitarr and violin.

For breakfast we were given a vareity of meals, I myself chose porridge with fried eggs and bacon. After breakfast we headed for watch but luckely our watchleader Olle was in a goodmood so we didn’t have to do any work at all. You could call it a christmas miracle.

Later the class headed to the Football court in La Restinga and on the way there we got to answer questions about swedish christmas on paper notes that our teacher had put up. When we arrived we played tug of war and some ball games in the scorching sun without water. I cant say that I had the feeling of christmas then and there but when we got back to the ship Santa came repelling down a rope from the sails and started handing out presents. Everybody else got chocolate and candy while i got foot bath salt, I wasn’t too excited over my gift.

Later it was time for dinner and a great one it was. At the dinnertable I sat with my friends Marcus, Viktor, Hannes and we all had our minds set on a feast, so a feast it was. The plate was full of potatoes, meatballs, sausage and danish pork, oh the danish pork, with crispy skinn and juicy and fatty inside. We couldnt get enough of the danish pork so after wefinnished our first plate we went for seconds. But the second plate wasnt finished as easily. We fought and fought untill we could barely breathe. Some of us concidered giving up but together we held strong. After finishing the second… it was time for desert.

/Uno Jagefeldt


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