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Climbing in rubberboots

Today's watch started at twelve a'clock. I was tired and thought it would be a calm watch with some reading of Loranaga, Mazarin and Datanjang and cleaning the laundry room. But our watch leader Olle and the weather seemed to have other plans.

Directly after starboard left the deck we were told one at a time to lead a set and salvage of one of the bramms. Unfortunately our watch leader pointed me to be the first to start. I shouted every step as the others started to salvage. It all went good but I got a bit confused when everything went so fast and I didnt follow along with every step.

After eight sets and salvage of the bram, it was finally time for some “fika”. Porridge with milk and cinnamon. As I just finished my porridge, came Olle stressed in saying we need to salvage both of the bramms fast because a squall was on its way to us. Everyone ran out and started to do what was needed to do. As we were done and I just put my floating vest back on Olle said “ Take your floating vests off and climb up to the bramms and furl the sails. It was dark and the wind started to blow up. It took about ten minutes and when I climbed down it started to rain very much. I am usually scared of hights, and the wind, darkness and rain added some extra fear into the situation.

Down on deck again I was relieved to be back on the safe ground, but, a while later it was time to climb up again, but this time to set the sails. Climbing in rubberboots is not so nice, I had to scrunch my toes for the rubberboots to not fall of while taking av new step. Finally down and time to read and have “Atlanten snack” where one person talks about themselves for a while and people can ask questions. And that was a calm and good end of tonight's watch.




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