Öckerö gymnasium

Close your eyes

The waves calmly flush up and back down on the wet beige beach board.

The salty smell from the ocean is lightly passing throw your nostrils. You can hear two young children´s laugh and their jumps in the water when playing with each other. The sunset is on its way and the few clouds around the sky are turning from white/gray to pink/yellow and fading with the sun´s warm colors. Turning away from the sun, the sky is still light blue but it´s soon turning darker.

There are still some persons on the beach – some tourists laying on their blankets with a newspaper or listening to music throw a pair of ear cuffs. You can smell that nearby there are a couple of friends barbecuing some meat and fresh corn cobs.

On the soft sand you can see us along with our colorful blankets and our beach things. Rebecka have found two new dog friends from the beach who she´s playing with, and you can really see how much she loves them. One male and one female, their brown bodies are jumping around her full of happiness. To the left side you can slightly hear the music from the restaurant Umbrellas, that we´re soon going to eat at. In the weekends they usually have live music and a band that plays well known songs.

Think that we are actually here, in the Caribbean, passing our days on the beach, getting sunburned and swimming in the turquoise water.

Cora, starboard


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