Öckerö gymnasium

Day 3

Today have been a great day and we have lernt much.

It started with a very good brekfast, egg, bacon, porige, yoghurt, sandwich and juice. Every Sunday we will get egg and bacon. After brekfast we went outside and they told us what the plan was for today. And the plans for today was that we were going to learn how to put up the sail. It was scary first but after 5 minuts it was fun. But my back hurt and it was very hot and heavy.

Then we had lunch and it was fried rice. The food was really tasty. We also got to lern how to wash our clothes. We thad a coffee break and that was sandwich, fruit and pie.

After we had the laundry leasson, we cleaned up the ship. I cleaned the toilets and showers. For dinner we had beef stew with potatoes and salad.

Doris Torgeby, Midships watch


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