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Day trip to Dublin

Today we went on a day trip by bus to the city of Dublin and visited a school. I thought that the trip was really fun and interesting to see how a school in Ireland looks like.

When we were at the school we got divided into different groups and we got sent to different classrooms to meet students from different grades. I thought that they were really friendly and welcoming when we came there. We had a lot of fun conversations. After we had been at the school for a while we went down to a small beach that was fairly close to the school to have lunch in the hot sun. When we were finished eating we went back to the bus that took us to Dublin. When we were in Dublin the rest of the day we ate som dinner at a burrito restaurant and It tasted really good. We also looked around in different shops and took a lot of nice pictures. I thought that it seemed like a very nice city and the people were for the most part very nice. When we were finished in the city we walked back to the bus and the trip back to Belfast it took around 2 hours to come back but I thought it felt pretty quick. It was a really fun experience and I had very fun

Hans L. Ohlsson


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