Öckerö gymnasium

Day two on Gunilla

It’s our second day here on Gunilla and we’re still in the port on Öckerö. The weather is good.

In the morning I was really tired and I think we all was that, after all information we got from the day before. But it was Sunday and we on the boat know what that means. It means egg, bacon for the meat-eaters and pancakes for the vegetarian. That’s why I love Sunday’s so much here on Gunilla, but also because we don’t have any school.

The day started good, and after breakfast everyone was ready on deck to start. In the morning we did some training to furl a sail. I thought I wouldn’t remember anything, but when you were up in the mast it was okay.

It was a long day and after dinner we were ready to leave Öckerö and sail to Lübeck. My watch started at 8 o’clock and I was the lookout.

I think I had four layers of clothes on me. In the beginning it was okay and not so cold. But after a while it started to rain and blow very much and it was not so nice anymore. Sometimes you couldn’t even see anything because the rain was in my eyes.

The watch ended 12 o’clock and I was very happy that I finally could go and sleep.




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