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Departure from Cherbourg!

It was today, on the 8th of september that we left Cherbourg. A small and peaceful city in the north of France, where we had five fantastic and relaxing days.

In Cherbourg, we have taken part of just a fraction of all the things that France has to offer. We did try the Camembert, a few baguettes and some delicious pastries though. As well as eating a lot, we spent some time just wandering about in Cherbourg, exploring the city. We found some good second hand-stores, as well as a good restaurant to end the stay. Of course we had to try the Moules frites, and even me who is not that fond of seafood, enjoyed it a lot .

Ahead of us now was a short journey across the English channel to Portsmouth. Myself and the port watch had the watch in port until 12 ‘o clock. After lunch, we had lessons where the DOS introduced Portsmouth, and we prepared the assignments we have to do in this port. The day passed by without any major events happening for us in the Port watch, up until we came on watch later in the evening. The wind had increased significantly, and therefore it was possible to set a bunch of sails. The watch was inspired by the lack of sailing during the last week, and held an impressing tempo when setting the sails. Worth to mention is that our former teacher in Swedish, Malin Fogelström was on deck giving what she got during our watch. That was truly a joyful co-operation.

When I am writing this, we are safely in Portsmouth, where we will be for seven days.

Frans, Port watch


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