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English blog 30/9

Another sailing day with the beautiful ship TS/Gunilla. Unfortuently there’s no land in sight yet, however you can’t complain about the sailing. The wind is on our side with great force and direction, that’s what we seamen call a perfect sailing condition. The wind speed is about 23 knots which allows us to sail with a speed around 7 and a half knots. With this speed we’ll certainly be in Portugal in no time! Besides from the sailing the so called ”vibe” on the boat is quite mild and cozy. There’s not much to do besides from eating, sleeping, working, studying, eating candy and repeating. Luckily enough the students including me hasn’t become insane with homesickness and does still enjoy the voyage so far. I think that the mass consumption of candy and other sweets has helped dampen their senses of homesickness. If you look around you might spot a few cargo ships here and there since we’re in a sort of ”highway” for cargo ships and similar. If you ask the captain nicely, you can borrow the binoculars and watch more closely on these cargo ships, and if you’re really lucky you might even be able to spot a few people working on the big ships. As for the food throughout the day we had a vegetarian dish similar to pasta bolognese for lunch and it was really tasty, this was followed up by an exquisite carrot cake to the three o’clock ”fika”. For dinner we had grilled beef with roasted potatoes and as usualit was really tasty and well done. That was one of the usual days on Gunilla out on the big blue sea, thanks for reading my blog and I hope that you envy the life we have on the boat!
Best regards, Linus in Starboard.



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