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Today we all went to the Moroccan town Essaouira. We saw many funny things, big forts, small streets and a lot of food.

The morning started at seven o´clock it wasn`t a normal morning, it was cooked breakfast, egg and bacon. After the breakfast everyone went down to the cabins and brushed their teeth and changed their clothes and got ready for the trip to Essaouira.

After the lineup at nine a clock, everyone went up to the buss and took a seat. The original way was destroyed by the rain, so we took a smaller way. The way was thin but very interesting, we saw donkeys, sheep, camels and many other animals on the road.

The first thing we saw in Essaouira was a long and beautiful beach with big waves. We went in to the big street market. It was food, candy, wooden boxes and many other nice things. My group visited the old portages fort, it was in the middle of the street market. The weld preserved fort was big and beautiful.

At one a clock everybody gathered outside a restaurant. We ate traditional Moroccan food, it was beef meatballs in tomato sauce with newly baked bread. Everybody thought it was really good food.

At four a clock the buss came to pick us up once again. Almost everyone fell asleep on the way back.

When we came back to the boat dinner waited for us. To be continued.

The end.

William midships.


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