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Eventful day!

I woke up when other people went to sleep. I went to bed at 12:30 and woke up at 03:30. After 2 hours of guarding the boat it was time to eat breakfast and preparing for the big adventure that was coming.

We took the morning ferry to the bigger Island and took a taxi to Mount Pico. In the taxi on our way to our destination we became good friends with our taxi driver. He helped us a lot that day and he was a really good driver as well ;)

We were four guys that started our climb to the top around 08:40 with the goal to both beat the time from some of the others who climbed the mountain two days earlier, and to come up faster than the other people who were there the same day.

The first 20 minutes were awful. Because my three hours of sleep made me feel dizy very fast and I was breathing heavily. I wanted to give up then and there, but we carried on.

After those 20 minutes it became much easier for all of us, and I started to enjoy walking.

The view became also more and more beautiful with every water pause we took, and after only 2 hours we were on the top of Portugal's highest mountain with a big smile on our lips, because we both made it to the top but also did it faster than everybody.

We enjoyed the view for around 30 minutes and decided then to start walking down again.

On our way down, we walked slower just to enjoy the view and talked about everything we could. It took us around 2 hours down, which we thought was slow. But I guess it was a good time.

Back down again we waited on our taxi friend who took us back to the ferry terminal. Somehow it felt like the way down went much faster than the way up ;) (fast car)

Back at the ferry terminal we took the boat that left three a clock back to Gunilla, where we spent the rest of the day relaxing after such a fun and exciting day.

André Laanep, Barbord


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