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Exploring Mindelo

Hello everybody! Today I got woken up at 7 am. Usually we wake up 15 minutes later, but I was shipguard and had to wake up a little bit earlier

I was shipguard for one hour and after 8 am I went down to my room to clean it. One hour after that me and my friends who did not have watch went off the boat to explore the small city. First we went to a second hand store. They had plenty of nice clothes but sadly I did not have the energy to search through the whole store, some of my friends bought some things though. After the second hand shopping we went for a walk and found a nice restaurant. The restaurant acually belonged to a hotel, Mansa Hotel, but we could eat there although we did not stayed at the hotel. We got drinks and a chocolate dessert which was very tasty and good. I would really recommend this hotel and restaurant if you come here to visit sometime. The restaurant also had Wi-Fi so we sat there for while. It was also very hot to walk in the sun so it was really nice to sit the shadow and take it easy.

But after two hours we felt that we wanted to move on and continue to walk around in the city. It was about 27 degrees so we wanted to go to the beach and swim in the ocean. On our way to the beach we saw a beautiful church and we stopped by. The church was not very big, but so were not the city so it was understandable. We also saw alot of dogs on the street. Some of them looked just like normal dogs, but some of them looked very sick. A man from the town told us that they had alot of homeless dogs here, but everyone give them food and help them stay alive. Many people think it is disgusting, but I thought they vere kind of cute in some way and of course I felt very bad for them.

After ten minutes of walking we came to the beach. I love the beach here because the sand is white and the sea is bright blue. But it was very windy this day so the sand blew everywhere and because of the wind i was not as hot as before. Now I did not feel like swimming so i just layed on the sand and enjoyed the moment. After a while I got too much sand in my face so we walked away from the beach and went back to the boat. We got back to the boat in perfect time for dinner. I was so tired because of the bright sun so i went to sleep after dinner. Later that night our teachers gathered all of the students and told us about the next day. They told us that we were about to take a ferry to Santo Antao which is one of the Cape Verde islands. On Santo Antao we were about to sleep one night at some Hotel of our choice and also go for a hike on the island. After the walkthrough of the next day I went back to bed and had ha long night of good sleep.

Vera Klingberg



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