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It has been a few long days with all kinds of weather at sea, mostly rain and wind.

When I got woken up at 7 o’ clock this morning I dressed myself with all of my warmest clothes. When I went outside for my watch at 8 the wind from the last few days had blown out but the cold was still there. The first thing I did was to put tar all over the top of the rig, something I enjoyed even though I had goo everywhere.

The morning continued without any special happenings until about 11 o’clock when the weather switched completely from a winter in Iceland to a summer in Trinidad. I was still at the time up in the rig with my tar but had to climb down and get rid of my five layers of clothes before I passed out from the heat.

With the temperature getting warmer Germany got closer and soon enough saw Lübeck for the first time. Pure joy spread through out my body when I realized that we had finally arrived. The boats in the canal blew their horns for us and made us feel very welcomed. When we at last came to the harbor my watch wasn’t over yet. Unfortunately I had to keep working the whole day as well, meanwhile the rest of the crew could go and explore Lübeck. Of course this felt a bit bitter but I soon came to terms with it when I realized that I’m having a ton of free time tomorrow.

After a long day I’m going to bed with a bittersweet smile on my face with the knowledge that I’m waking up again in a few hours to guard the ship, but also that we’re finally here.

Klara Kyldahl, 14 september


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