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Finally departure time

What’s up guys, today is the day we depart from our beloved motherland into unknown territories. The date, 12th of december has bored into my head since summer, and finally the date has arrived.

I remember sitting in school just before christmas break a year ago thinking
“I might be in another country a year from now or setting sails and sailing over the atlantic ocean…” and here we are. As im writing this im sitting on the plane, nervous, stressed and anxious but at the same time calm, happy and excited. This morning I woke up not quite sure what was expected of me the day after. After waking up I stufffed my mouth with a single scone, then went and packed the rest of my things with the knowledge of only being able to bring 33 kg in total, this was going to be a challenge. When packed I was ready to start our journey to the airport. The car was filled with emotions from everyone sitting in it, in just a few minutes we'll have arrived at the airport. The anticipation sets its place in my
stomach, and im suddenly happy I stuck with that sole scone. I was thinking then, that leaving the airport was going to be the biggest challenge, saying goodbye to my family and every routine I feel so familiar with. But when at the airport everything went so fast before I knew it we were walking towards the plane. And now we are here, sitting in the plane knowing barely anything about what’s to come.
Hannah Jodal


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