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Finally home after 66 days at sea

Today I woke up more tired then usual. This came as no surprise for me because the whether from last nights shift. We had waves so big that many of them got over the guard rail so even them with the best rain jackets could’t stop the water from getting in to their clothes.

As I was saying, I woke up tired. But this changed quickly after I got up on the main deck (the floor outside) and heard our captain saying that we probably should se Hönö around two the same day. This was good news because we didn’t expect to see Hönö until the next day. After the good news it was time for my dayshift.

Today I was lifeguard, steer man and look out. From not seeing any ships for many days when we where sailing over the atlantic to see at least two per 10 minuts made the look out more fun then ever. When it was time to change watch our captain sad that we would sail in between the island (Öckerö kommun), this was really rare because it was the first time in Gunillas history that the didn’t used a motor for this. Out captain also sad that the whole crew should be on the main deck during the entrance. This was also really rare but it made sense considering it was the first time they used sails for the entrance.

It was then a thought struck me, that we where finally home. It was frightening how fast the 68 days had gone by, even though it felt like forever we sat a foot in Miami, walking in the city and bathing on Miami beach. The whole trip over the atlantic I didn’t have any homesickness but now as I stand here, looking from Gunillas front and see how close we actually are from land knowing my friends and loved ones are just a few miles away it was hard to not have a little homesickness.

Of corse these months on Gunilla had been magical but I’m glad to be back in Sweden, to be back home. The only thing to do now is to clean the hole boat and pack out things because in two days we’re saying goodbye to Gunilla and hello to all the people waiting for us.

Isac Jonsson


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