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Finally on land

Today was the first time I woke up happy at 03:30 to get ready for my watch knowing that I finally could go on land after almost two weeks out on the Atlantic ocean. It felt amazing that we've officially crossed the
Atlantic ocean and I was thrilled when I first got on deck seeing how close we were to the harbor.

We got to prepare for everything as we were
getting closer and by the time our 4 hour watch was over everything was
settled. I ate my breakfast happier than ever not having to worry about
waves causing my water to spill out. We all put on our normal clothes
and got to deck to get further information about the harbor. This time
we couldn’t go on land as usual because Gunilla was tied up to a
floating platform meaning that we must take fairies to get to land.
Luckily the fairies comes once every half an hour and is free for us
trainees at Gunilla. Me and some others from my watch took the first
fairy available and we all were very excited to finally step foot on
land. The weather in Plymouth was amazing. It was 21 degrees Celsius and
the sun was out all day long. We started exploring the city as we walked
through small streets taking pictures making us look like tourists.
After looking at the local pubs and restaurants we finally got to a shop
where we could buy the candy and soda, we all have been craving since
our stash was gone out on the sea. We headed to the center of the city
and went to a big mall that was nearby. It felt like going through
Nordstan and it was nice being in a big city. We went through stores and
looked at clothes until we started to feel hungry. After discussions and
hesitation, we decided to eat lunch at McDonald’s which we were similar
with. We later went through other streets looking at second hand shops
nearby. After exploring the inner city, we walked back to the
restaurants that were closer to the boat and met up with others from
Gunilla. We split up and some of us went to a nearby restaurant and
ordered fish and chips. We all took the food with us and sat down at the
harbor and ate while looking at the boats. The sun was still up and
after a long day of walking around the city we decided to walk back to
the fairy. It was beautiful seeing Gunilla while being on the fairy and
I was still super happy about being in harbor. After about one hour of
hanging out with others, I decided to go to sleep to recharge for the
coming day.

Wilhelm R


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