Öckerö gymnasium

Firedrill and pillowfight

Just another day at TS/Gunilla

This day started at 3:30 am when we were woken up for our watch. At 4 am the watch started, and during this watch there was little to no wind so there was not much to do. To keep us warm and alert we climbed in the masts and then we practiced setting diffrent sails. Later on we all sat down on deck and our watch leader Alex told us a story about a munk and his watermellons. It was really cousy and fun and the end of the story was amazing, but i cant tell you tought since I swore to secracy. After this we rang 8 glasses and Starboard watch took over the boat and we went below deck and sleept untill lunch at 12 pm.

After lunch we went down to the big mess and had lessons with our dos David. In the middle of our lesson the fire alarm went off so we left our stuff and quickly walked up on deck. When we got up on deck we hade a new crew, this was because this was a practice drill and all of the seafear students had taken on diffrent roles from the adult crew to practice how to do diffrent stuff and handle the emergency situation. Our “dos” started counting us all in, but something was wrong, two students where missing, they where still under deck. The seafear students talked to eachother on the radios and made up a plan for how to get them out. The smoke diver went and prepared themseleves, to go bellow deck and find them, whilst the medic went and got all the medical equipment ready, to take care of the missing when found. After a few minutes the smoke diver were ready and went under.

To really challenge the seafearer students, one student had gotten the job from the captain to start panicking and become completly hysterical screaming for her two friends. The two students below deck were also planned to make the situation more realistic, incase something like this actually would happen. After the fire drill we went down under deck to relax and get ready for our next watch, but insted we ended up having a big pillow fight. Because of that we had to stress getting ready to be able to be on time. We also acidentaly mixed up all of our pillows, so after our watch we had to swich them back.

When our watch started it was a much stronger wind outside then our last watch, which made the boat tilt a lot. Because of the tilting a few sails had to be furled and it was needed to change the angle on our sails. Since it was so much to do on deck both my watch and Starboard had to help even thou Portside was the one having the watch. When everyone is pulling in different ropes we heard someone screaming from one of our masts. One of the ropes keeping the rojal at the right angle hadgotten loose whilst two persons from Starboard was up there furling it. The rojal was now 90 degrees wrong making it look like a cross compared to the other sails One of our watch leaders got a hold of the rope quickly and fastned it again. Luckly no one was hurt even if it was a scary and dangerous situation.

Eventually Starnboard got to go of their watch and we took over. During our watch the boats Dos stood in the back on deck fishing. Some of us went and checked if he had gotten anything but unfortunally he had not. Instead we made up that David was fishing for blue whales and that they were going to pull him into the mordatlant. Because of this we rewrote a song our watch sings all the time to: “Who stole the Dos from the gunnis båt?” “The blue whale stole the Dos from the Gunnis båt”. Soon after this our watch ended and we were all tired and went down to sleep untill the next watch.t


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