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First day in the last port

We stood there and watched the sky turn orange while the sun was setting.

This journey has gone by incredibly fast. It feels like only yesterday we said goodbye to all our friends and family and set sail for Germany. Though now, almost seven weeks later, we’re in Lisbon, and within seven days we’ll be back home in Sweden; reunited with our loved ones.

Yesterday I had the chance to go out and discover the city. Since we had just arrived that morning we couldn't go out until 12.30, but after that we were free to go. Along with some friends I discovered a genuine city with colorful buildings and charming streets. For the entire day we just wandered around exploring our final destination on this journey. We bought ice cream, which was absolutely incredible, and we found a spot which has a view over the city and the sea. We stood there and watched the sky turn orange while the sun was setting. Very beautiful! Except for a quite disappointing meal our first day here was amazing!

Today I, along with starboard watch, unfortunately had to to stay on the boat and work. Though it hasn't been such an exhausting day for me. My job was to sit by the gangway and to make sure no strangers got on the boat, and also act as a guide if someone would want to come onboard. In the beginning of the day it was really nice to just sit there, especially since it was so sunny, but after awhile I became a little restless. Thought I was fortunate enough to get the chance to go buy some milk and vegetables with the chefs. It was really nice to get a break and get of the boat for awhile. Usually that doesn't happen so I was really happy.

In other words, it has been a very calm day for me, though a long one. After a one hour break between 18.30-19.30 I had to return to the gangway and sit there for another three hours. Only after that was I entirely free.

Now that I have some spare time left of this evening I want to use the time well since it’s only a week left of this journey. Though I’m getting really tired so I’m probably heading to bed soon to save up some energy for tomorrow. Goodnight to all of you and I’ll see you in a week!

Sara Rahmn, Starboard watch


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