Öckerö gymnasium

Free time

Today the sweat stopped dripping for the first time in days and the cold was a welcomed suprise,
but after a few hours the scorching hot sun started grilling us again. Almost everyone on the boat
are as red as lobsters and the number of people who are not is dwindling by the hour.

We started the day by sunbathing on the deck of Gunilla and reading books whilst Håkan Hellström played in the backround. After lunch on the boat which was made by our talented chefs we took an uber to goodwill to find some work clothes. I found a t-shirt that had the American flag and an eagle printed on it, with the words ”Land of the free and home of the brave” so ofcourse I had to buy it. Following that we went to Walmart which was absluletly huge to buy some snacks. To leave Walmart we had to take yet another Uber since
Tampa isn´t a walkable city. We ate dinner at Gunilla and just chilled for a while. To end the day me and a few others climbed onto the mast all the way to the top which was 35 meters high. The view was amazing and the freedome you feel is like no other. It felt nice to just take it easy for today because we´ve been doing so much the past few days. To end this blogg I would like to say hi to my family and friends who are reading this in the cold and snowy Sweden right now.


Filippa Stjärna, midships watch


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