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Full set sails to Belize!

On the sea again with almost full set sails, on our way to Belize. The weather is with us and hopefully we can continue sailing with the wind in our sails all the way to port. We left Jamaica yesterday and now we have four days at sea until we will be able to stand on steady ground again.

The seasickness have not struck as hard this time, at least not if you ask me, but maybe I am not the most polite source since I have never felt any seasickness at all. The unfriendly feeling of illness caused by the waves actually seems to be playing an easy game this time, believe it or not I have not seen any of us laying in the gully emptying their stomach yet, knock on wood.

It is nice to be out sailing again, but I do not have that much to tell you guys about it because it is almost always the same. The days are sunny and warm, the nights are filled with stars and warm blowing winds. It is wonderful. I would tell you about the stars, but no words can describe how beautiful they are.

Right now I am sitting in the big mess waiting for the three o’clock fika. A rumour said there will be cookies and I really hope that is true words. It is crazy how much you can come to appreciate the small things, such as cookies, when you are onboard.

Oh wow, it is three o’clock! Better go get them cookies.

Hope you all are well back home in Sweden.

Erika Sjöberg, Midships.


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