Öckerö gymnasium

Gameday: Man-Chicken 18:00

Me and my team of five astounding men took upon ourselves a difficult task.

We knew that is was going to be rough but with enough effort and willpower we knew that we would get through. The game against the chickens was going to be our hardest yet. The mission devour every piece of chicken in the ”Stora mäss” was almost short tracked by a rule that was implemented as a repercussion from the lunch disaster. Since people had eaten food from other tables during lunch no one was allowed to take food from other tables than the ones they sat on during dinner. This poked a hole in our game plan since my teammates and I were all seated at the same table. But we stood our ground and refused to back down. All that was necessary was just a change in the game plan.

Like vultures that hadn’t seen food for over a week we threw ourselves over the food and devoured it quickly. We then observed our surrounding environment, waiting until people left from a table so that we could snatch their food. One after another people left and we took what was left from their table. Our first obstacle was cleared. We now had a way to get to all the food and go around the newly implemented rule. However Another obstacle appeared. We were running out of time to eat. Our technique was simply to slow. And on top of thet we lost one of out most important players. Milton had to return to his duties around half time and therefore got removed from the game. A innovative technique invented by one of our offensive players Felix made, however, up for these problems. It led to the bones being removed from the meat at lightning speed and therefore making
it more time efficient to eat. After forty-five minutes in the trenches together we stood tall. The game was over.

There were moments where some of us wanted to quit, were they felt like they couldn’t take it anymore but we picked each other up, powered through and came out on top. We had defeated the chickens and now all that was left was a victory parade to the galley.

We lined up with the bones held up high at the front of the parade. We sung ”In the jungle” as we paraded in to the galley and left all our dishes. One ”Halvbleck” full of chicken bones, four or more ”Halvbleck” completely emptied from chicken or potatoes and not a single pice of chicken meat was delivered and our team stood as winners of the eating game.

/Hannes Höjesjö


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