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Gangway watch on Gunilla

After the long bus ride yesterday and the intensive first day on Gunilla I would have killed to go to bed at 9pm and finally sleep - in a “real” bed instead of a bus floor - but of course the first gangway watch was assigned to my watch.

Therefore I spent the first hours of this Sunday staring at the gangway to make sure that no one boarded the boat during the night. When I finally was allowed to go to bed I was ready to cry, but it was the best sleep of my life.
I woke up again at 7am and ate egg and bacon for breakfast before my second gangway watch at 7:30. The morning in Tarragona was peaceful and the weather was good, but since I’ve just woken up I just wanted to go back to bed. Fortunately we only had watch for half an hour, because at 8 o’clock we had line up. It was special for me, not only because it was our first line up - but it was my turn to “slå glas”, which means that you ring the bell eight times while the Swedish flag is hoisted. It was harder than I thought and I was really stressed and
failed a little, but no one really cared.

After the line up I climbed in the mast with the others in my watch. I felt bad for the ones who are afraid of heights, but I am not and it was an amazing feeling to be on the top of the mast and look at the view over Tarragona. Though, I don’t think it will be as fun to climb up and work with the sails when the wind blows with 20 m/s…

// Tua Eilard


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