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The first sail has begun and we are on our way to Gibraltar/La Linea. Two places where Spanish and English culture meet.

Today, midships woke up at seven to start our watchkeeping later at eight. We saw the sunrise between Africa and Europe . It was breathtaking . The sunrise had a dark and red color fading into pink.

As the sun started to shine, the warmth began to grow. We made our way closer into the port of Gibraltar and the captain decided to go into the pier a day earlier than planned. We took all the sails down because of no winds. We instead used the motor.

The crew took over and midship started to prepare Gunilla to get into port. We saw the Spanish city of La Linea and Gibraltar on the other side with its beautiful monkey mountain. We placed Gunilla in the pier of La Linea. Starboard, port and midships gathered and the captain decided to keep the sea routines and planned new routines for the next day.

Those with a free watch were able to set foot on land and explore La Linea. Midships only got two hours to explore the city before continuing the next watch.



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