Öckerö gymnasium

Good afternoon!

This day had a good start. I woke up at 03:30 took a
cold shower and put my working wear on. The watch began at 04:00 so we
were ready at 03:55.

Today the wind was not in our favor so the watch
mostly contained upkeep and knot training. We also took some time out of
the watch climbing in the rig, as to not fall asleep. The wind has been
staggering the last couple of days and the waves has started to swell
over deck. Some of us are starting to feel seasick but most of us feel
fine. After the watch we ate breakfast and went back to sleep. Because
we have the 4-8 watch we sleep two times a day. It feels weird because
each day feels like two days. When we woke up again at 11:30 we ate a
really great fish soup for lunch. After lunch we had study time and I
focused on writing this blog. At 15:55 we were ready up on deck for
another watch lasting until 20:00. Lastly I took a shower again and went
back to sleep just to wake up at 03:30 the next morning. Thanks for
reading my blog!

Ludvig Maechel, Starboard


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