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Good sailing and lots of whales

Today was a day like no other. It started off slow and boring, because our sails weren’t up. There had been a mixture of a low- and high conjuncture during the night and the wind was at a stand still while the waves were coming in all sort of directions.

This changed throughout the day and as I went on my second work duty the wind was up to 20 knots per second with the boat going half that speed. I was the helmsman and it was amazing to steer the ship in speeds that high. We sailed almost 40 nautic miles that work duty, and 40 the next one. If this is god sent wind is going to keep up we will reach Horta in a few days. This doesn’t seem to be the truth though, this is because the wind will be gone tomorrow and leave with just the waves again.

The waves, and the whales. There are so many whales! Last trip to the Mediterranean we saw so many dolphins they became kind of boring in the end. People stopped running around main deck when someone spotted a flock of them and they could swim for ours in front of the ship with no one noticing. The whales are a different manner though. They are almost always five times the size of a dolphin and stay at long distances from the ship, but they visit frequently, at least for now. Yesterday we saw over 40 small whales and today we saw some lonely ones swimming quite close to the ship.

So if I were to summarize this day it would be good sailing towards Horta and a whole lot of whales.

Kind regards, Niclas F


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