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Greetings from Suriname!

Today was the last day in Suriname, which also means we are on duty. But because some had scheduled meetings with some people from the Nassy Brouwer
Collage, the captain let us have off duty with the others until 16:00.

So me and a few others decided to contact James whom we met at the school and ask if we could come to his house and swim in his pool. It was a long way to walk and it was very hot but in the end we managed to arrive, somehow. He had a nice and big house and it was clear he came from one of the wealthier areas. We were with him for a while and when we got tired we started the long journey back to the boat again. Now it was warmer than in the morning when we went to James and we even had to hide in the shade of the buildings in the big city so as not to burn ourselves. But after almost an hour's walk, we finally arrived and then it was time to clean up on the boat. I had the honor of vacuuming the entire student interior as ell as the large and small mess and the ”svalen”. After I had done this was the time for dinner. And then we looked at the Lord of the Rings in the big mess.
//Milton Stiller 2024


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