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Gunilla concluded

Today, Starboard had watch. We worked, ate, worked, ate, worked, ate and then the only thing left to do was to sit night watch.

And as usual, the hours spent guarding the gangplank also carried with some interesting conversations. This specific watch the absurd life of Gunilla was discussed. We got in to the subject while wailing about how this nights offer only was three hours of sleep. The small amount of rest got to represent a night out on the weekends. The eight hour long day of work was, surprisingly enough, a work day.

The day after our watch is going to be a visit to Uxmal, an old city build by the Mayas, and to a cenote, an under earth fountain. Thereby both what is supposed to be the reason why we are on this boat (the studies) and the actual reason why we are here (the traveling) was encountered.

So while spending the days working full-time, studying for an upcoming graduation and sleeping on the bare minimum - we are trying to enjoy what could be the trip of our lives. An absurd, but great life indeed.

Hanna Edgren



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