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Halfway to Rotterdam!!

A day like this should only be good, less than 2 days until we are at the largest seaport in the world. But for me this is both good and bad, since its only a week until we get home.

I’m really thrilled to be on the boat and don’t really want to get off yet since it’s my first trip and probably last with Gunilla. There is this love-hate feeling for this boat that I have when you’re out at sea. It can be lovely on days when it’s sunny and just a bit windy but as soon as it starts to rain and your having trouble sleeping, that’s when you just want to be at home in the warmth. Even when it’s shitty weather, it will be fun when you’re on watch at the time.

The day ended with the last watch of the day but first night watch. We went out to Great Britain on our left side and France to our right side. The watch started fast and heavy by putting down all sails since we were getting to close to land. When night came, we met by an amazing scenery of around 30 boats around us. The light of cities, the boats around us and the night sky which was full of stars was an amazing view.



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