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Hawaii-style on board

Seven days at the Atlantic, seven days left. We haven’t seen more than one, two other ships, lots of Portuguese man-on-war manets, a flock of wales and of course some dolphins making tricks below the shark-net. The cool thing about this is that I love it, I appreciate to just be here. Be here, totally unconscious about what’s going on, on the other side of the Atlantic.

The day started with such a special night-watch. First of all did we furled all the sails because the wind, so to say, died out. To be honest it didn’t make us that sad because, as you all know, we usually have pretty ruff weather so all of us are happy since it’s not storm. What made the night-watch special is something we will keep on board, but who knows, maybe we will tell you when we’re meeting you up on Öckerö. I can just say that we are having it amazing and that we are enjoying the wonderful ocean and all that comes with it.

After some hours of sleep we got up on main deck, ready to start the day-watch. Thereafter the captain came out and told me and the other group members in our activity group that we should make us ready for lots of Piña Colada, a swimming pool and Hawaii-style music. And so we did. We took some hawsers and the sunroof and then we had a fully functional swimming pool. We filled it with saltwater directly from the ocean, hanged up the sea salt shower and then it was time to jump in and start the real party. Times like these are amazing. I mean it’s amazing enough to just got the privilege to cross the Atlantic and then, how marvelous isn’t to bath on board at the same time as you’re crossing the Atlantic. It’s like we use to say here on Gunilla ”Wow, such a thing!”.

While we were bathing and relaxing in the sun we saw something, not more than a nautical mile away it was a flock of wales. I be astonished about the thing how so many people can be so happy about seeing some wales and dolphins. But I like it, I like how such a natural thing can make everyone smiling.

Right now I’m laying down in my bed and listening to my cabin-mates talking about the thing ”taking a shower”. They are discussing how amazing it is and it’s making me feel how much we appreciate thing that are a part of the daily basis at home.

I hope all of you are having it good in Sweden and that you’r not missing us to much. See you soon!

Hugs from Julia, Port


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