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We have today left El Hierro and are on our way to Cape Verde.

It’s a nine-day long trip with hopefully nice weather. When we left, everyone waved goodbye to us. Our lovely Kalle, a Swedish guy that helped us under our stay, was there helping us with the last settings. Even the immigrants that arrived from Senegal earlier this morning waved happily at us.

I think everyone on the boat feel pretty done with the island after 5 days and are looking forward to new adventures. It’s not a very big island and after the bus tour the other day we got to see most of the area. The high mountains, the clear blue sea and the nature pools. Unfortunately, no bath because of the rain, but still beautiful. I could really recommend the island for its nature. But be aware of there is absolutely no tourism, restaurant or affairs at all.

We have also started our first assignment, a Swedish text where we get to write about a person and their life, dreams and goals. It’s a creative text where we can slowly start the studying on board and on land.

We have also reloaded from the Christmas vibes and are now in the originally routines. Tomorrow the real hell begins. We start with our very first real lesson, watches, maintenance work.

and sleepless nights, lovely. But we will also prep for new Years Eve on the Atlantic and a new fresh year, in Cape Verde. I don’t really know what the plan for the celebration is but I’m sure our “festisar” have prepared something fun.

I hope you all had a good weekend and its nice weather. Now I’m going to sleep before the next watch. Goodbye!

/Elvira Spjuth


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