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Hello, hello all readers!

Today has not been a very eventful day, it was windy and rained a bit in the morning but it cleared up in the afternoon.

Then we took our chance to swim and take advantage of the few hours of sun we had access to during the day. So I packed my backpack with swimwear, a book and the most important of course, a can of Pringles. We headed against the wind to the rocks where we had intended to be during the sunny afternoon and set up camp on a wooden deck a short distance from the bathing spot. We laid out our towels and decided to go swimming right away. I started with a dive to get the first dip over. Then we swam for about half an hour.

As we were lying in the sun drying, I had a brilliant idea, we should climb the mountain that towers over the small village. I assembled a task force of five and headed out soon after. The first stage went quite quickly. It was an old dirt road that the indigenous people had created to transport fish and shellfish. From the fishing village to the north side of the island where the climate was a bit more tolerable. The second stage of our hike was a bit more difficult however. The volcanic gravel beneath us just crumbled under our shoes, so we decided to
sacrifice our feet rather than the highly prized Birkenstocks we were all wearing. And this worked rather well considering how many sharp rocks and thorny bushes there were on the mountain, as we only got a few small cuts on our heels.
After being on the top for ten minutes we realized we had to find a way to get back down.

One suggestion that came up was to just roll down the rocky slope. The proposal was discussed and it was decided that the medic on board had not been very happy with this. Mostly because she would then have to patch us up instead of being able to take a brake after the dinner was done. But in the end we at least managed to get down through a mixture of rolling and sliding down on our heels. We made it back to the boat with black feet and a couple of sick photos from the top of the mountain.

/Milton Stiller


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