Öckerö gymnasium

Hello there!

The day started as usual with our daily formation up on the deck, and today we also welcomed our teacher Anne-Li and our new chef Åke to the boat.

My watch had a free day today so after eight a clock we packed our beach clothes, towels and took some sunscreen and then we went down to the beach.

The sea hear is so beautiful, I have never seen this beautiful and clear water before. With 25 digress in the water we swam around and took some hours to just lay in the sand in the sun. When we started to feel done with the sun we walked a few meters down the beach to this lovely beach restaurant. We sat down and I ordered a pizza and a coke. Happy, after one hour with wifi and food we walked back to the boat were we met the rest of the class and walked together to a school here in Cape Verde. At the school did we get served a whole table filled with desserts and cookies while we listened to the school choir. Later it was time for the football game witch is held every year, sadly we lost but for me who looked, is was a really interesting and funny game.

When the school visit was over we were a few people who walked down the streets in this little city in the hope of finding some ice-cream. But it ended with that we only walked into a grouser store and bought some snacks and lemonade. To end this day we walked back to the beach and ate some dinner, with a lovely view before we want back to the boat. It have been a fun, long and warm day and I can’t wait to spend one more day at the beach tomorrow.

I hope you all have had an cozy day in the cold at home in Sweden.

Hugs // Ebba Bergqvist


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