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Today we had one of our days off here in Santa Cruz.

The day started with a control of all the cabins. Due to the damage a fire would cause on the boat, it’s extremely important that there are no things on the cabin sole, so that everyone can get out quickly. After some of my classmates failed the inspection up to 3 times, we could finally get off the boat. The days before, we had figured out how to easily get to a beach close to where Gunilla lies. After some struggle with paying our tickets, we took the bus to the beach Las Teresitas. The weather was warm, at least compared to Sweden, and we enjoyed the beach while playing football, chatting and singing along to music. Cajsa and Lovis had bought lunch for us to share on the beach. The lunch was the perfect thing to make the beach visit even better. Because we had decided to have dinner at the boat, and because all of us were exhausted by the sun and the time we spent on the beach, we went back to Gunilla. For dinner we had a meat stew with potatoes, which is a common Swedish dish.

The rest of the day was spent going around the city. We explored the streets of Santa Cruz, bunkered with sweets and listened to street musicians. Me and my group also spent some time to interview people for our school projects. Today was a good day!

Frans, starboard


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