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Hi everyone!

Today was a very sad day here on Gunilla. Many of you might think that we are sailing on the Atlantic Ocean right now, but no, were still in Cape Verde.

Today, we had to say goodbye to one of our classmates. This brought up a lot of emotions and everyone here is at the moment very sad. I believe that I speak for everyone here when I say that this trip won’t feel the same as before, not when one of the funniest and most inspiring girls just had to fly home. We all hope for her to become better and return to our little family here on Gunilla. That would be the happiest moment on the whole trip, no doubt. While waiting, we will do our best to do what she told us before she left, take care of each other, have a lot of fun and live life to the fullest while were here.

In a few minutes we will leave Cape Verde behind us and head for Grenada. Before arriving to Grenada, we have to sail across one of the seven world seas, the Atlantic Ocean. I think everyone here is just as excited as me to see what this adventure will offer, and that we now have started our trip over one of the biggest seas on the planet, is very exciting.

Hugs and kisses // Karin Böckmann


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