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Hola Sevilla!

A high, rattling sound made the whole crew wake up at 10:30. The pilot was on board and we were taking up the anchor. In front of us waited a seven-hour long travel along Guadalquivir, the river that would take us to the harbour. On our watch, 12:00-16:00, we continued with the lubrication of the blocks in the rig, the same maintenance work we have done during all of our latest watches. Hopefully we will finish the work soon because it’s starting to get boring doing the same thing over and over again. We have to get done with every single block until we switch to work with anything else, and there is over one hundred blocks in the rig that needs to get lubricated…

We made fast to the shore at the lock, that we soon would be passing through, at around 5 pm. The lockage took around half an hour, and after that we were almost at our destination. We arrived at 6 pm, lined up at main deck, ate a delicious dinner and after that we were allowed to go ashore. The weather was very hot! At 6 pm the temperature was 32 degrees Celsius. Maybe not a surprise when it’s the hottest city in Europe…

Here in Sevilla, we need to be back at Gunilla before 10 pm. So, me and my friends were ashore for two hours to explore the beautiful streets close to our berth before we had to get back to Gunilla. We visited some shops, ate ice cream and visited the supermarket so we could buy some more snacks and soda (especially Pepsi Max).

So far, I really like Sevilla! It seems like a cosy city with a lot of things to do (maybe the best city on this trip so far?) and I’m very excited to visit the rest of Sevilla in the upcoming days!

Wilma Olander, Starboard


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