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Hottest day on the trip

Today midshipmen have had watch. I myself have been on ship watch and today may have been the hottest day so far on the trip, or so it felt when you sat out a whole day on watch when the sun was at its hottest.

Now those at the port had decided that we were not allowed to go to the entrance/exit, but we had to order small buses that picked up and left. So at 9 o'clock two small green buses to pick up people from starboard and port who had off duty today.

But today was also the day a school we visited earlier in the week was supposed to come and say hello to Gunilla, but unfortunately there was a problem with the people at the gate so they weren't allowed in. It was sad that it didn't turn out that way as the students at the school were very nice and it would have been fun to meet again. We had also baked a cake, so we ate it on our coffee break, which was not as boring. Around lunchtime it was at its hottest and in the sun above around 40 degrees so it was difficult to even sit outside by the gangway and the sweat just flowed. When the clock approached 8, it was time for a movie and today the movie Brave on the jib was shown so we were all at the front of the hill and it was a very cozy end to the day.




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