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How to make a sail-tie!

I woke up 07.00 in the morning and got ready for hummus and cucumber for breakfast and chatted with my friends for a while before we went up to quarterdeck to take over from the watch before us.

We started the watch with trying to harbor stow the topgallant stay sail, but because the sail-tie was too short it didn't really go that well. This was a problem that we could solv very easy by just taking down the old sail-tie making a new
one. And I got the honor to do that.!

To make a new sail-tie you need a rope, a needle, whipping twine, sailmakers palm and a hot knife. !
Step one:!
Cut out a bit of ”tamp” in the length of choice.!
Step two:!
Whip one of ends. We do this so the rope won’t unravel.!
Step three:!
Splice the other end. To splice is when you kind of braid together an eye. !
Now you're done and you can put your sail-tie where ever you want. !
When I was done with the sail-tie I put it up. Me and my friend Edvin were very excited to finally harbor stow the top gallant stay sail with the new sail-tie. We started and it actually went pretty well but all of a sudden we heard our kapen screaming that we didn't ned to harbor stow cause hwo instead should put sail on the topgallant stay sail. At first we got a bit mad because of the fact
that we finally were going to harbor stow with the new sail-tie, but after a while we just cot happy because we were going to sail.



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