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I’m tired, everyone is tired, even Gunilla is tired.

Two weeks and a little more left on this trip, and I am tired.

After spending my last sparetime in Mexico at a small hospital and pretending to understand what the doctor said in Spanish (without our medical, Liz, I would never understand a word, Thanks Liz) I feel better from my scary sickness so do not worry mum and dad at home, but it will be so lovely to come back to Sweden and sleep, sleep and sleep some more.

All of us onboard are tired, even Gunilla herself is tired because the air-condition is not working so it is almost impossible to sleep in our cabins, that’s why I am at the moment in the mess surronunded by sleeping classmates.

When 4 more days to Tampa feels like forever, and there is no way to get there faster than we are trying to, then what to do? I started to think that we have our best time when we have our worst moments together. This is when we take extra good care of eachother and get closer and closer as a class. You get to know people’s sides they show when there is no energy left in their bodies.

This is also a part of Gunilla, this is what we are going to remember when someone asks you about ”the worst part of Gunilla”, and then you will realize that it was not that horrible.

This blog turned out pretty negative, sorry not sorry. 6 days of your life when it feels like everything is working against you is nothing on a bigger scale. We will all forget this tired feeling as soon as we are in Tampa.

Now it is time to focus on being here, for the last time, the last trip is soon to be over. I already know that I will leave Gunilla with a little tear in my eye. Lovely boat, you break us all sometimes but 99% of the time you don’t. I will miss you :’)

Maja Ivarsson, Styrbord.


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