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Just another day?

Another long day of inhaling toxic dust from two component colours that probably is extremley cancer inducing. Anyhow, yesterdays was my eighteenth birthday. Which brings me atleast a little bit of joy on this vast empty open ocean. I had a fantastic birthday! And now that I am eighteen I can do stupid and irresponsible stuff legally! Fun!

So what more took place on this special eventful day? Nothing. Absolutley nothing. I got to wish for chocholate cake from the chef though! Didn't eat any, gave it all away since I know the crew is a group of zombies which hungers for quick sugary treats. It worked pretty well until the commanders stole my last platter of peices. Didn't say anything, I hate those kinds of situations where you have to embarass someone cause they did a simple mistake. They are lucky that i think good of them :)

Sooo, I'm 18 the boats float and everyone is live and well. Not much more to say about this day. More mails would be nice! Other than that we have only 900 nautic miles left, which is half of the distance to the Azores. We have planned arrival on the first of june. We will probably arrive one to two days earlier. Or i mean we HAVE to arrive two days earlier since the captain is traveling home to work for another shipping company, and he won't make it if we arrive on the first.

William Vinblad


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