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Land Ahoy!

Land ahoy they said as I was awoken for the eight to twelve watch, as I came up on deck I to saw it,
South America!

As I took my place at the helm to steer up the Surinam River. We took on an
experienced pilot. He said that he had been working for 18 years. Slowly made we our way upriver through the rainforest with the single fishing boats coming out of nowhere.

It was a surreal feeling when steering the ship in what looked like an uninhabited rainforest, it continued like that for about 1 hour. After a turn in the river Surinam’s biggest and capital city Paramaribo appeared out of the forest and the uninhabited land abruptly came to an end and instead became a large city. On deck the excitement grew, and everyone was happy to finally set foot on land once again after 14 days at sea.

Just like in Mindelo the harbour is an industrial one but that did not bother us to much we were just happy to finally be able to walk on land once again.

Viktor Melander/Midships


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