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Land crabs to seadogs

I arrived at the harbor around 9.30, wearing a tired expression and feeling mournful as the summer break had come to an end. Nevertheless, that feeling quickly disappeared upon seeing the familiar cheerful faces of my classmates.

After a LONG wait on the dock, the captain finally instructed us to place our baggage on the ship and tidy up our belongings, I said my goodbyes to my father and went on the boat.Time seemed to fly by, and I could only manage to get about half of my belongings in order before we were called to form a line on the main deck, arranged according to our assigned cabins. The captain then announced the plan for the next three days, which was full of familiarization and labor, and at that moment, I could feel the last hope of an extended summer break dwindling away. It didn't help that the hour-long, painstaking tour of the ship felt like an eternity, followed up by a fika and introduction under the front deck with some chemicals and other dangerous items like fires.

In the evening, we left for Källö-knippla, but our superior crewmates took charge of the ship, and we, the normal crewmates, could socialize with friends, including card games and movies but also a delicious meal casserole. The socializing with friends was short-lived, and the combination of only getting 4 h of sleep I needed to get some sleep quickly for the anchor watch from 5-6 am.

-Vidar Pernmyr Starboard


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