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Land in sight!

This day started in the morning with our last 04-08 watch this trip. Even though it was 04:00 in the morning, it was still warm outside and you could feel the tropical and sticky climate. As usual we dowsed and set sails and we also washed deck.

During the entire watch, there was a bird sitting on top of the mizzen mast. It probably needed a rest from all the flying, since we were in the middle of the ocean. We tried to make the bird fly away because it sat on the item that shows us from where the wind comes from. We tried in many different ways but it didn’t want to move, one in our watch even climbed up the mast to get as close as possible and then “scare” it away by making noises but this didn’t work. The bird thought it got threatened so instead of flying away, it made noises and started to prepare for attack. Quickly, our friend climbed back down safe and sound. When we came back on watch at 16:00 in the evening, the bird was gone, luckily.

After watch we studied, studied and studied. Since we were planned to arrive in Grenada the day after, we had to finish and hand in a lot of assignments. After we studied, we ate lunch and then we studied some more. A lot of people were very stressed about the assignments, so was I but in the end, we were all on track again.

In the afternoon we went on our watch again. This time I was in the post strength. The time passed and according to the calculations we were supposed to arrive sometime in the night. At around 19:00 in the evening, we finally saw a black silhouette on the horizon, it was the mountains of Grenada! This was an amazing feeling to finally see solid ground again!

Not seeing land for more than 15 days is something that you can’t explain. It feels like you are in a different world and a bit like you are in your own bubble. At times this was a wonderful feeling but at times it was tough. I am very thankful and happy for this experience, and the best part is that it’s not over yet! Tomorrow everyone except our watch will have free time in Grenada, we won’t because we have the first harbour watch, but the day after we can finally see the beautiful country, I am very excited! J

Flora Alderblad


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