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La Restinga

Hola from El Hierro! I had the most relaxing and wonderful day. Me and my friends visited a tiny cute town on the south side of El Hierro named La Restinga.

It was not a very lively town but it had som nice restraints and a tiny beautiful harbor. Lucky for us we came to snorkel, which the town was excellent for.

La Restinga is by the water and has nice boardwalk and lava cliffs. It also has some small beaches and swim ladders. Before we went snorkeling we visited one of the local restaurants and ate some traditional paella. It was delicious!

The seawater was beautifully clear and invigorating. When snorkeling, we saw some different fishes. Some were alone, some were in shoals. Some had vibrant colors, some were colorless. Some were big, some were small. It was very nice and cool.

When you snorkel it’s like you get access to another world. It’s like you’re isolated from the real world and all you hear is the sound of the sea. You don’t hear anything above the surface.

Elsa Måhlberg, Starboard


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