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Large waves and seasickness

Today it was a really special day. It was the day with the largest waves of this trip so far. Our slow start in the Mediterranean didn´t really prepare us for the large waves in the Atlantic Ocean and with the waves came something else that wasn’t really appreciated. The seasickness.

Almost everybody got affected by it, some more than others. I was one of those that didn’t feel much at all and that felt really great. When almost everybody where on deck getting air while feeling really bad, I was able to finally start with some schoolwork. Even though I didn’t feel sick I felt the waves and they made me tired. So I went to bed pretty early before the night watch. I was lookout this watch and that made me a little bit sad. Everybody else just laid on deck and talked while I was forced to look out over the horizon. I didn’t see one boat in the whole watch. I think this day was pretty great for me. I finally got a chance to feel how it really feels to be out seas, with great waves. But I also feel for my mates that got seasick.

Johan Wallblom


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