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Last day in Ajaccio

Today way the last day in Ajaccio. We’ve all had a great time in this small town and this last day was no exception. We had a card game tournament, got of the boat to go to the supermarket and we also went swimming at night!

The day started with breakfast as usual, followed by morning gathering on deck. My friends and I started planning a card game tournament just as we had finished the morning gathering. There were eight teams of 2 who wanted to play. After that, all the french students were to welcome some visitors, teachers from a local school. The french students, I among them, showed the teachers around the boat and told them about life onboard Gunilla. It was fun to see their reactions when we told or showed them certain things. For example they were really fascinating that the interior of a boat could look so similar to a regular house. When we told them about how we climb up the rig, their chins dropped to the ground. They also reacted strongly to the amount of work we, students, do on the boat and thought it was good that we got our hands dirty.

When the french teachers had left, we started the card game tournament. My friend and I were to play our first game against two of the best players. We didn’t stand a chance and decided to go buy some candy at the supermarket instead. The tournament went on all day, and the finale is yet to come.

Dinner was served 6 o’clock; mashed potatoes and sausage. It is kind of a traditional, Swedish dish and I think many of us thought about home, and started to miss it quite a bit.

At the setting of the sun, we were about seven people who wanted to go for a swim, since we hadn’t yet gone swimming during our time in Ajaccio. So we packed a towel and started walking towards the beach. It was a bit chilly out and the water wasn’t so warm either, but it was still a good evening, and day, that ended with a warm panini and cold Orangina in the moonlight.

Josefin Anderson, Babord


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