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Leaving Grenada

The final day of our visit in Grenada had come and another sunny day on this lovely island laid upon us. After breakfast and the line up at eight am midships and starboard rushed downstairs and got ready for the day. Shops opened today after being closed over the holidays and therefor a big part of the class walked straight in to the town to check out the markets and stores the town had in offer.

Some also decided to turn right towards the famous Grand Anse Beach. Finding ¨the best Wi-Fi place¨ to call home from for one last time before leaving by the evening was also an appreciated topic this day.

By lunch-time a great rain shower fell over St. George and cooled our warm bodies. Passing by the lively mall and getting a big scoop icecream brought several smiles to appear on peoples faces, ¨Grenadas Chocolate¨ turned out to be an favorite.

By four pm the whole class had settled back on the boat and it was time for departure. Altough we have had a great time in Grenada joy spread among us when it was time set sails for Dominic Republic, we are all seamen nowadays after all! We set sails from quay and peacefully left the harbour. It was truly beautiful, the sunset lit up our way and a rainbow shined in the sky.

Shortly after leaving the harbour absolutely amazing chili con carne was served in ¨lilla mässen¨! For the very last time of this trip we also rotated watch-shifts again and every watch got new watchleaders. By eight pm it was time for us in the midships watch to have out first 8-12 shift with Linnea and Bea. It was a fun shift and we had much to do! We cleaned the interior and adjusted some of the sails because it was blowing and raining rather heavily now and then.

Agnes Olofsson Rist - Midships


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