Öckerö gymnasium

Leaving Jamaica

The clock turns twelve and the portside watch head out on deck.

Mellow winds surrounds my body as I release the top sail. I take a deep breath in, and I glance out over the sea as we set course straight towards the moon and it’s reflection. We glide through the water with ease and grace. The rest of the watch set sail, as I climb down, and afterwards we jointly sit down on quarterdeck. Our watch leader, Karin, brought out the guitar and with a quiet, unique and beautiful voice sang and played under the stars. Moments like these are unforgettable.

Night watches often make me feel small, vulnerable and incredibly powerful, in the best way. Everything becomes so much bigger during the night, like we’re just gulping around in an infinit ocean all by ourselves. If we shipwreck we will be gone, but I’m not afraid. I feel powerful. I feel like we can go anywhere. We are in harmony with the wind and as a beautiful ensemble can work together, controlling each other.

Fair winds,

Cecilia Jönsson



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